Who becomes benefactor of disability benefits 

Who becomes benefactor of disability benefits 
It is not easy to become a benefactor of the Social Security disability benefits. There is a load of conditions and requirements you must fit, and a large number of documents you have to gather and send with your application form, I say forms because there will be several of those you will have to fill .

But before even taking application forms and everything else you will have to qualify for Social Security disability and there are strict qualifications that you have to pass:

You are disqualified if you reached your full retirement age because benefits achieved through it negate disability benefits. Retirement benefits that are achieved without full retirement age will lower the amount you get through Social Security disability benefits.


Enough Social Security credits are necessary in order to qualify for those benefits. Those credits must help you to pass both earnings tests, test about your recent work and test about length of work in last 10 years. It Is a sliding scale, less years you have less years is necessary. For those that are around 60 years old ( majority of Social Security applicants ) 5 years of work in last 10 years is necessary as well as at least 9 and half years spent in the service which is covered by Social Security.

restricted-application-file-and-suspendSize of your benefits is determined by average of your lifetime earnings. That amount will be equal to pension benefits you would receive. Average SSDI benefit is 1 165 dollars, and highest paid benefit in 2015 is 2 663 dollars. Once you reach full retirement age your disability benefits will be turned into your pension benefits, you can’t get both, no one can. Sometimes your SSDI will be reduced if you receive some other kind of federal benefits.

Several members of your family may be eligible for percentage of your disability benefits. There are several classes of those that can become eligible for those benefits but in short: your spouse if she reached certain age or if she cares about children, your children if they are disabled as so on. For further info visit useful link.

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Social Security disability FAQ 

There are many answers about Social Security disability that are not always answered in proper manner. Or those than answer them fail to convey the message properly. That is why this article is being written, to explain you several things you were not aware, and to explain you some things you found strange.

social-security-disabilityMany question are asked about different benefits and their effect on disability benefits, and it is not strange that I would start with an answer to one of those. People are worried that their pension received from working on a position which is not covered by Social Security may negate their Social Security disability benefits. Well pension will not negate your disability benefits, but those benefits will be recalculated and lowered at appropriate amount.

Other people wonder whether pension benefits have any influence on disability benefits. Well, indeed they do. Once you reach full retirement age your disability benefits will be converted in pension benefits. Law is strict and it doesn’t allow one person to reap the fruits of two different benefits.

Some people wonder about length of time required for a decision over application once the  application forms have been submitted.  Well in general it will take minimum two and maximum six months to come out with that decision, and several factors determine on which end of that scale the review will be:

  • Nature and type of your disability
  • The time it is required to gather all medical evidence from all doctors and medical sources that have treated you
  • If it comes to additional medical examination then you will have to comply to it, adding more time into the calculation
  • And whether it is necessary to check the quality of your application.


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People are generally confused with credits that are needed for Social Security, and they don’t know how that credit is earned. Well, credits are a sum of yearly earning which are then taken into calculation I will avoid writing. What is important to know Is that with every average wage increase the amount of money needed for credit rises as well, and for 2016 you will need to earn 1 260 dollars for one credit.
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Compassionate Allowances and other disability info 

Compassionate Allowances and other disability info 
Compassionate allowances represent a set of rules and obligations which give disability benefits to those whose conditions are clearly in terms with disability requirements. Compassionate Allowances Conditions also known as CAL are the way in which they can determine severity of the disability and whether it falls under their wing. CAL has a Listing of Impairments which is used to identify serious disabilities and provide Social Security benefits to those people without any waiting.

Now let’s go on other important info you might want to know about disabilities and Social Security disability benefits, for example unemployment benefits. Social security doesn’t consider unemployment benefits as benefits at all, but those benefits will be lowered if you receive disability benefits.

Substantial gainful activity or SGA is used to describe work positions that involve higher concentration of physical/ mental activities or some combination of those two. If you work in such position and your wage is higher than certain limit then it is decided that you can’t apply for disability due to your ability to work on such position.

Unemployment application Form with pen, calculator

If you had your disability for long period of time before you applied for Social Security disability benefits then you might get benefits for up to 12 months before the start of normal disability benefits.

5154913-1814x2697If a disability has happened to a child before the age of 22 then they are eligible for disability benefits. There are several other cases in which a child may receive disability benefits but for that it is best to go on the page where you apply for disability and find out about everything there.

Ticket to work program is used to support disabled people who want to create a career. This program teaches those people everything about personal budget and other important things they will need once they start working.

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